The Music We Play

The most striking feature of the music we play as a duo is that it is instrumental. So which of us plays the melody? Well, often neither of us; we tend to imply the melody instead. Emily, with her lyrical approach to the accordion, finds harmonies and counter-melodies and weaves them through the song. Bill, with his rhythmic approach to the piano, provides the bass and the beat, and sneaks hints of the melody into his chord patterns. On the bari sax, Emily loves the low notes, and often provides a pedal point with her long tones.

So, without a singer, or a lead melody instrument, or solos, it is important for our songs to be interesting rhythmically, harmonically, and structurally. There are plenty of great songs that are very simple, and need to be carried by a vocalist, but we work with songs that cover a lot of emotional territory through their harmonies. The songs seem distantly familiar, like a dream you almost remember. This approach gives us a lot of room for interpretation.

Our music also tends to be upbeat, even when the songs are melancholy. There is often a bit of humor, and a lot of energy beneath the surface. The interplay between our two distinct personalities is also an important part of the music. Our music has a way of putting a smile on your face and a spring to your step.
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